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05 March 2010

Baby jesus :) @ 4:57 PM

I'm switching to tumblr :)


03 March 2010

@ 1:22 AM

What if 2012 IS true?
I haven't even fulfill my #1 dream yet - to be the next BFF of Paris Hilton


02 March 2010

@ 1:39 PM

If you missed out this boy's performance of becoming the next Jason Mraz,
you must have been living in outer space or knock your head and went into coma.

But before the ukulele boy, there's another hit video clip of a potential-'Mean Girl' kid.
Some may have or may have not watched this but for the sake of my dead blog, here we go.

I call her, the Whatever girl.
Adorable isn't she?
The way she rolls her eyes and waves her hand like nobody's business
But if she's my baby girl, this is what I'll say to her,
"By the time you graduate from high school, you're going straight off to NS!"

NS : National Service
Our Malaysia's very own Program Latihan Khidmat Negara.

27 February 2010

@ 3:20 PM

Fire + eyes + muscles + oil


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26 February 2010

I am a slacker. Yay! @ 1:17 AM

To my loyal readers *coughs*..
(I honestly think Janice Lim is the only one who is reading this due to the lack of entertainment in ulu land)
As you can see, I have indeed been slacking with my blogging.
No, I don't have a busy schedule.
I just couldn't find the inspiration to write because I think I've dropped my sarcasm somewhere.
I might have accidentally flush it into the toilet bowl.


Can you help me to find my sarcasm back?

Reward: I belanja you Char Koay Teow.
*thumbs up*

15 February 2010

Meet Heart-kun and Love-kun @ 2:03 AM

This photo has not been photoshop-ed.
That brown heart is definitely real.
I sniff no love.
I sniff puppy love.

Meet Heart-kun and Love-kun.
Adorable-ness :D
These two puppies has undoubtedly proven why LOVE..

for dogs is still burning hot.
I may be a couple-love skepticblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com but I am sure a dog lover :D


13 February 2010

LalaChrist @ 4:09 AM

The versions of Lala Christ :

The '07 version

The '08 version, I ter-skip.

The '09 version.

The '10 version.

"Sui ah sui ah, please go away ah. I need the luck ah for 2010 "

Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

.the pig is still talking

Woof. I mean, Oink.


Christ Tan. And I'm not Jesus Christ.

.somewhere over the rainbow

to mesmerize to escape to explore to feel

.madly,deeply in love(for now)

You're Beautiful U-Kiss CNBLUE SHINee FT Island Big Bang


.- (infinity)